Hi! I'm Emilie Bertrand

(or you can just call me Bert)

So, where does this food enthusiasm come from? Well...Thanks to all those nice dinners and brunches shared with family and friends, those summers spent eating fresh organic vegetables from the farm next door, and to all those times traveling with my partner in search of unique wines and beers to discover. 

One of my favorite things in life, is to sit in a good restaurant with my favorite humans, not having to decide on the menu, and simply leave it to the chef to decide on what's fresh, and what he/she would like us to discover from his/her kitchen! That's how much i love food.

What's on my table? 

What i love about photography is that you can tell a story with something as simple as an image. The colors, the textures, the flavors, and the fresh ingredients have that power of making you feel something special. For me, food photography is all about bringing to life those shared moments spent around a table, the beauty and deliciousness behind every meal and ingredient, so the viewer is convinced that all he wants now...is to taste it!


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